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Stay the *** away. Ordered a LP156WH1 (TL) (C1) LCD screen.

It's a Phillips screen. $155.11. They ship a Samsung LTN156AT01. They said it's compatible.

Can't tell you it's defective! Now they want ME to pay to ship it back, to get a new one. I could have bought the LTN156AT01 in the US for about $56. Now they want me to pay $28 to ship it back and send me another LTN156AT01?

Wow. If it looks like a deal and it's from China, stay away. Ebay policies may suck but I never got a bad computer screen from the sellers there.

Looking around I can't find ANY reviews on this company. Wonder why, because the own us....

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Thought-provoking comments , I was enlightened by the points . Does someone know if I can get access to a fillable IRS 706 version to work with ?

to Anonymous #1168897

my friend located a fillable IRS 706 copy using this > and

London, England, United Kingdom #817086

This is cheating company

We bought batteries,

They send it like standard packing. But batteries are dangerous goods. Now we have big problem with customs and air cargo company.

Newer do business with this cheater


Never do business with this cheater.

We bought keyboards from laptop-benet.

We pay 8260$ , for 520 brand new notebook keyboards.

They send 470 USED keyboards ....

We send pictures, many talking and nothing.

They give me .. proposition of 5% rebate for next order ....

I don't want new order, because they are cheater. Never again !!!


Bought from them samples once and all ok, then i bought 15,6 CCFL for 15000USD and nothing was happening for 3months.after I report them to Alibaba something happend and I get completly different screens and very expensive, so make it sort and simple this company cost me 3000USD and 3months of mine life.never again.

if you want to see more see


They wanted an update. Shipped it back, $43 USPS to THEM an MONTH, get a reply screen works fine.

Really? PayPal came through and got me a refund. Bought a screen off of Ebay and all is good. They'd (laptop Bennet) do what ever it took to make it right.


Ship me back the defective screen?!!! Stay away!

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